Harsha Ratnaweera

2022-10-19 15:30:00 23


     Dr. Harsha Ratnaweera, Member of the Management Council of the EWA- European Water Association, Fellow of the IWA- International Water Association, Professor in water and wastewater engineering at the faculty of sciences and technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Before NMBU, he was the director of international projects and innovation and was in service for 20 years at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Dr. Ratnaweera’s research areas are surveillance, modeling, control, and optimization of water and wastewater processes. During the last years, his research is focusing on digitalization and circular economy in the water sector. Prof. Ratnaweera initiated and led several international projects and initiated the global educational and research network Water Harmony in 2012. Dr. Ratnaweera started to work with Chinese organizations since 1995, and at present collaborates with the Qingdao University of Technology and the Harbin Institute of Technology.